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Artifical photosynthesis

Ally Aukauloo (Prof), Marie Sircoglou (Associate Prof.), Zakaria Halime (Researcher)

PhD students : Asma Khadhraoui, Chanjuan Zhang, Adelais Trapali, Eva Pugliese

Associate researchers (I2BC, CEA Saclay) :  Dr. Winfried Leibl, Dr. Annamaria Quaranta

From Natural …

A stunning process in biology is how nature captures sunlight to make dioxygen from water thereby liberating the electrons and protons to reduce carbon dioxide in form of sugars. This process sustains oxygenic life on earth and it stands as the source of inspiration for chemists to use sunlight to transform the ever-increasing anthropogenic CO2 to a fuel using water as a renewable source of electrons and protons. The million-dollar question then is: can we manage to steal Nature’s secrets and perform better than Her?

H2O + 4 hν → O2 + 4 H+ + 4 e-

n CO2 + 2n e- + 2n H+ → (CH2O)n + n/2 O2


…to Artificial Photosynthesis


Implementing the main functionalities of natural photosynthesis in synthetic modular assemblies is the defining target of molecular chemists. Our quests are to provide designed chemical models to support mechanistic proposals of enzymes implicated in transduction pathways of energy and ultimately to replicate their functions in robust and cost-effective systems on a grand scale

In the artifical photosynthesis group, we follow three main thrusts :


Axis 1 : Photoinduced electron transfer

Axis 2 : Oxidation chemistry

Axis 3 : Reduction reactions



Photoinduced electron transfer / Bioinspired catalysts / Water oxidation / CO2 reduction / H2 production / Transition metals / Chromophore / Proton coupled electron transfer / Mechanism / Structure-property relationship / Non-innocent ligands / Porphyrin / Electronic properties / Spin / Small molecules activation / Trapping of intermediates / Artificial photosynthesis / Renewable energies / Sustainability


Organic synthesis / Catalysis / Inorganic chemistry / Electrochemistry / EPR / UV-vis spectroscopy / Stopped Flow / Theoretical Calculations / Photophysics


- T. Tron, J. Simaan, Y. Meckmouche, M. Orio (Ism2, Marseille)

- F. Banse, K. Sénéchal-David (ICMMO, Orsay)

- D. Audisio (LMC-CEA, Gif-sur-Yvette)

- Dooshaye Moonshiram (Argonne National Laboratory)

- T. Coutsolelos (University of Heraklion, Crete)


- P. Dauban (ICSN, Orsay)

- B. Boitrel (ISCR-OMC, Rennes)

- H. Remita (LCP, Orsay)

- M.-H. Ha-Thi, T. Pino (ISMO, Orsay)

- B. Lassale (SOLEIL, Gif-sur-Yvette)

  • ANR LOCO (2019-2023)
  • LABEX Charmmmat 2018, Post-doc : Towards Photo-Activated Catalytic C-H Amination Processes
  • LABEX Charmmmat 2018, Post-doc : Complexe hétérobimétallique bioinspiré pour la réduction du CO2 : synthèse, électrochimie et spectroscopie
  • LABEX Charmmmat 2017, Chaire, Invité Pr. Lionel Cheruzel de l’Université San José Californie
  • Initiatives de Recherches Stratégiques (IRS- Paris Saclay), MOMENTOM regroupant 26 équipes de recherches (2017-2020)
  • LABEX Charmmmat 2017, Equipement et plateforme : Acquisition d’un spectromètre UV-Vis Cary60 combiné avec un cryostat CoolSpek UV
  • ANR Multielectronic light driven water activation for oxygen atom transfer reactions under mild conditions. Coordinateur T. Tron (Aix Marseille Université), Partenaire (2015-2019), 1 thèse, 2 post-doc
  • LABEX Charmmmat 2014, Postdoc: Photoactivation pour l’Amination C(sp3)-H catalysée au Fer
  • IDEX Solar Fuel 2014-2017, Thèse IDEX S. Mendes
  • Attractivité 2012 : Acquisition Potentiostat Autolab 204N
  • Chateaubriand Ambassade de France USA 2013, Alison Tebo, University of Michigan PhD
  • PIE CNRS, COMMERCE H2, Réseaux de catalyseurs moléculaires pour la production de H2.2010-2012
  • SurPhox cNano Ile de France 2010
  • Blaise Pascal International Chair 2009-2011, Pr. Vince Pecoraro University of Michigan USA, Artificial Photosynthesis
  • ANR Blanc Take Care Transport et transfert couplés d'électron et de proton dans des systèmes biomimétiques, Coordinateur M. Robert (Université Paris Diderot) Partenaire 2010-2013
  • ANR Blanc TECHBIOHYP Vers des cellules bioinspirées efficaces et bon marché pour la production photoélectrochimique d'hydrogène. Coordinateur J-F.Cornet (Université C.Ferrand) Partenaire 2010-2014
  • Projet Européen SOLAR-H2, European Solar-Fuel Initiative- Renewable Hydrogen from Sun and Water. Science Linking Molecular Biomimetics and Genetics. (Leader Work Package 1, Coordinateur S. Styring, University of Uppsala 2008-2011)

PhD theses


Eva Pugliese — Photoinduced reduction of CO2 and mechanistic study

PhD advisor : Ally Aukauloo ; Co-advisor : Zakaria Halime (Started in october 2020)

Adelais Trapali— Control of O2 and H2O activation by metal-complexes via the manipulation of the second coordination sphere

PhD advisor : Ally Aukauloo ; Co-advisor : Coutsolelos Thanassis (Univ. of Crete) (Started in october 2019)

Chanjuan Zhang —Nouvelles métalloporphyrines modifiées comme catalyseurs pour la réduction du CO2

PhD advisor : Ally Aukauloo ; Co-advisor : Zakaria Halime (Started in october 2019)

Asma Khadhraoui — Development of new catalysts for the CO2 reduction

PhD advisor : Ally Aukauloo ; Co-advisor : Zakaria Halime (Started in october 2017)


Nhat Tam Vo — Complexe de fer(III) semi-hémique bioinspiré pour les réactions chimiques et photochimiques de transfert d'atome d'oxygène (2019)

Directeur de thèse : Ally Aukauloo ; Co-encadrante : Marie Sircoglou

Philipp GoticoStratégies bio-inspirées pour la réduction catalytique et la valorisation du dioxyde de carbone (2019)

Directeur de thèse : Winfried Leibl  (CEA) ; Co-directeur : Ally Aukauloo

Youngju RoComplexes moléculaires pour la photosynthèse artificielle (2019)

Directeur de thèse : Ally Aukauloo

Clémence DucloisetStudy of complexes for reactions by oxygen or nitrogen atom transfer : From synthesis to photoactivation (2017)

PhD advisor : Ally Aukauloo ; PhD advisor : Marie Sircoglou

Stéphanie Mendes-MarinhoCharacterization of the charge transfer mechanism in photocatalytic molecules, towards the energy production by artifical photosynthesis (2017)

PhD advisor : Ally Aukauloo

Stéphanie Cherdo From cage complexes to nanoparticles, new catalysts for hydrogen production (2013)

PhD advisor : Ally Aukauloo

Sujitraj ShethSynthesis and characterization of catalysts for photo-oxidation of water (2013)

PhD advisor : Ally Aukauloo ; Co-advisor : Winfried Leibl (CEA, Saclay)

Last publications (2015 - Today)

Our comprehensive list of publications can be found HERE.

Through-Space Electrostatic Interactions Surpass Classical Through-Bond Electronic Effects in Enhancing CO2 Reduction Performance of Iron Porphyrins. A. Khadhraoui, P. Gotico, W. Leibl, Z. Halime, A. Aukauloo, ChemSusChem, 2021, 14, 1308-1315

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Our group

From left to right :
Philip Gottico, Zakaria Halime, Nhat Tam Vo, Tania Tibiletti, Winfried Leibl, Marie Sircoglou, Ally Aukauloo
Khaled Cheaib, Youngju Ro, Asma Khadhraoui, Annamaria Quaranta

The list of the former members of the group can be found HERE.



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