Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Matériaux d'Orsay

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Welcome to the ICMMO website. The Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Matériaux d’Orsay is one of the largest CNRS-labelled chemistry research laboratories in France. With a workforce of over 300, the areas of research covered by the 9 research teams include organic and inorganic chemistry, molecular and materials sciences, and feature strong interfaces with both life sciences and physics. Integrated in the Science Campus of Paris-Sud University, ICMMO contributes to the emergence of the new Paris-Saclay University.

Prof. David Aitken


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Last publications:

Compact A15 Frank-Kasper nano-phases at the origin of dislocation loops in face-centred cubic metals. A. M. Goryaeva, C. Domain, A. Chartier, A. Dézaphie, T. D. Swinburne, K. Ma, M. Loyer-Prost, J. Creuze, M.-C. Marinica, Nature Communications, 2023, 14, 3003

Adjusting the optical band gap of CsPbBr3-yXy (X=Cl, I) for optimal interfacial charge transfer and enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen generation. M. Knezevic, V.-D. Quach, I. Lampre, M. Erard, P. Pernot, D. Bérardan, C. Colbeau-Justin, M. N. Ghazzal, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2023, 11, 6226-6236

Magnetic and Electrical Properties of high-entropy rare-earth manganites. A. Kumar, D. Bérardan, D. Dragoe, E. Rivière, T. Takayama, H. Takagi, N. Dragoe, Materials Today Physics, 2023, 32, 101026

Microstructure, properties and synergetic effect of graphene oxide-functionalized carbon nanotubes hybrid reinforced copper matrix composites prepared by DC electrodeposition. J. Cao, Q. Yang, L. Zhou, H. Chen, K. Zhan, J. Liu, R. Ding, S. You, B. Zhao, V. Ji, Carbon, 2023, 212, 118157

Sonocrystallization Induced Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence via Distortion of Molecular Geometry. A. Maggiore, Y. Qu, P. Pander, F. Dias, G. Clavier, R. Guillot, P. Audebert, F. Miomandre, None, 2023