Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Matériaux d'Orsay

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Welcome to the ICMMO website. The Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Matériaux d’Orsay is one of the largest CNRS-labelled chemistry research laboratories in France. With a workforce of over 300, the areas of research covered by the 9 research teams include organic and inorganic chemistry, molecular and materials sciences, and feature strong interfaces with both life sciences and physics. Integrated in the Science Campus of Paris-Sud University, ICMMO contributes to the emergence of the new Paris-Saclay University.

Prof. David Aitken


Vendredi 7 juin à 15h, Salle 2004, Bât.670 HM1

Dr. Bonamali PAL, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (Inde)
"Photocatalysis for improved H2 production, organic compound reduction and toxic pollutant degradation under visible/solar light irradiation"

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Last publications:

Electrocatalytic, Sm-Promoted Synthesis of Aminoarenes from Nitroaromatic Derivatives in MeOH. Y.-F. Zhang, E. Schulz, M. Mellah, ChemCatChem, 2024

A Novel Reaction Rate Parametrization Method for Lithium-Ion Battery Electrochemical Modelling. A. Goussian, L. Assaud, I. Baghdadi, C. Nouillant, S. Franger, Batteries, 2024, 10(6), 205

Mixing water, sugar, and lipid: Conformations of isolated and micro-hydrated glycolipids in the gas phase. A. Camiruaga, A. Gouasmat, J.-M. Beau, Y. Bourdreux, M. Causse, N. Chapelle, G. Doisneau, G. Goldsztejn, D. Urban, P. Çarçabal, The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2024, 160, 214313

Detoxification of Chemical Warfare Agents by a Zr-Based MOF with High Recycling Ability at Physiological pH. S. Biswas, R. Gay, J. Bzdrenga, T. Soirot, N. Belverge, N. Taudon, X. Brazzolotto, M. Haouas, N. Steunou, J.-P. Mahy, R. Ricoux, ChemNanoMat, 2024, 10, e202400132

A Rationally Designed Iron(II) Catalyst for C(sp3)−C(sp2) and C(sp3)−C(sp3) Suzuki−Miyaura Cross-Coupling. D. Chen, C. Lepori, R. Guillot, R. Gil, S. Bezzenine, J. Hannedouche, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2024, e202408419