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Christophe Bour

                Christophe Bour
Bât. 670, bureau 2218 – LCM – ICMMO - UMR 8182
Université Paris-Saclay
Bâtiment 670
17-19 Avenue des Sciences
91400 Orsay

+33 1 69 15 76 51

About me


Since my appointment as Lecturer in the Molecular Catalysis team, my research activities are focused on homogeneous catalysis and particularly on π-catalysis for promoting new chemical reactions, from unsaturated carbon chains. My attention was focused on the development of new efficient catalytic process to limit the molecular catalytic loading based on rare transition metals, such as gold. The second alternative is that we have developed to replace those noble metals, traditionally used, by elements of block s or p such and more recently 1st row transition metal period. The last topic aims to exploit carbon(0) compounds. Used as a ligand, they reveal specific properties to metal centers. All these areas cover a significant part of coordination chemistry, heterochemistry, or catalysis.


New synthetic methodologies ; palladium catalysis ; DFT calculations ; gold catalysis ; enantioselective catalysis ; total synthesis ; gallium catalysis ; main group catalysis ; coordination chemistry ; indium ; bismuth ; synthetic methodologies ; heterochemistry ; acid pi-Lewis catalysis ; calcium catalysis ; hidden catalysis; transfer hydrogenation; noble transition metal surrogates ; 1st row transition metals, alcohols amination; iron; manganese; cobalt; imines alkylation.


  • PhD in Strasbourg (Faculty of Pharmacy)
  • 1st postdoctoral stay in Spain (ICIQ, Tarragona, Spain)
  • 2nd postdoctoral stay in Strasbourg (ECPM, Strasbourg, UNISTRA)
  • Assistant Professor at the University Paris-Sud (Orsay, Université Paris Sud)
  • Associate Professor at the University Paris-Sud (Orsay, Université Paris Sud)

New synthetic methodologies ; palladium catalysis ; DFT calculations ; gold catalysis ; enantioselective catalysis ; total synthesis ; gallium catalysis ; main group catalysis ; coordination chemistry ; indium ; bismuth ; synthetic methodologies ; heterochemistry ; acid pi-Lewis catalysis ; calcium catalysis ; hidden catalysis; transfer hydrogenation; noble transition metal surrogates ; 1st row transition metals, alcohols amination; iron; manganese; cobalt; imines alkylation.


June 2000

  • Diploma of « DEUG »  in science with honors, University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg

June 2001

  • Bachelor of Science in chemistry with honours, University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg
  • 1st year of Magistère de Chimie- Biologie

June 2003

  • Master degree in organic and supramolecular chemistry, with honours (ranked 5th), University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, Master internship group of Dr. J. Suffert “Cyclocarbopalladation 5-exo-dig and C-H activation”
  • Diploma of « Magistère Interdisciplinaire en Chimie-Biologie » with honours, Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg

Dec. 2006

  • PhD Thesis at the University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg, (grant from the Ministery of Research), Group of Dr. J. Suffert, “4-exo-dig and 5-exo-dig  Cyclocarbopalladation: an expeditive solution towards molecular diversity ?”

Jury: Dr. C. Aubert, Pr. E. Fouquet, Pr. S. Nolan, Pr. P. Pâle, Dr. J. Suffert

Sept. 2015

  • Diploma of « Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches », University Paris Sud. “De nouveaux procédés catalytiques pour l’activation carbophile par des acides de Lewis π” Jury: Dr. V. Michelet, Pr. C. Darcel, Pr. S. Bellemin-Laponnaz, Pr. R. Poli
  • Authorized to apply to Professor positions (CNU 32th section).


Academic Carrier :


  • Master internship “Development of a new insecticide family” , 

SYNGENTA Crop Science, Basel, Switzerland, Dr. Peter Renold


  • Postdoctoral fellow “Development of enantioselectives methodologies in gold catalysis”

Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia, Tarragone, Espagne, Prof. Antonio M. Echavarren


  • Postdoctoral fellow “Total Synthesis of Salvinorin A”ECPM, UMR 7509, Université de Strasbourg, Dr. Gilles Hanquet

Since 1st septembre 2010

  • Maître de Conférences, section 32, ICMMO (UMR 8182),

Université Paris Sud, équipe de catalyse moléculaire, Gandon‘s group

Area of expertise

  • Homogeneous catalysis 
  • Organometallic chemistry
  • Chemistry of the main group elements
  • Organic chemistry
  • Late transition metals chemistry

Depuis 2015

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· Chim 106, Architecture de la matière, L1, Licence Physique-Chimie (cours, 9 h) (Course Lecturer, 9 h)

· PAES, Chim 1, Chimie Organique, 1ère année médécine (TD, 16 h) (Teaching Assistant)

· Chim 142, Chimie organique 1, L1, Préparation aux Magistère de Chimie Physique (cours, 17,5 h ; TD, 11 h) (Course Lecturer, 17.5 h ; Teaching Assistant, 11 h)

· Chim 212, Chimie organique 2, L2, Licence de Chimie (cours, 20 h ; responsabilité pédagogique, 3 h) (Course Lecturer, 20 h ; Coordinator, 3 h)

· Chim 290, Chimie Expérimentale, L2, Licence de Chimie (TP, 8 h ; responsabilité pédagogique, 2 h) (Practical Courses, 8 h ; Coordinator, 2 h)

· Chim 309, Chimie expérimentale, L3, Licence de Chimie (TP, 36 h ) (Practical Courses)

· Chim 384, Stéréochimie et chiralité, L3, Licence de Chimie (cours, 7,5 h ; TD, 5 h) (Course Lecturer, 7.5 h ; Teaching Assistant, 5 h)

· MagPhys, Chimie Organique, L3, Magistère de Chimie Organique (cours, 22 h ; TD, 16h ; TP, 6h) (Course Lecturer, 22 h ; Teaching Assistant, 16 h ; Practical Courses)

· Chim 430, Chimie organométallique, M1, Master de Chimie (TD, 10,5 h) (Teaching Assistant, 10.5 h)

· Chim 434, Synthèse asymétrique, M1, Master de Chimie (TD, 16,5 h) (Teaching Assistant, 16.5 h)

· Suivi de Stage, Magistère de Physique Chimie (responsabilité pédagogique, 2 h) (Internship Program for Magistère, Coordinator, 2 h)

· Chim 406, Suivi de Stages, M1, Master de Chimie (responsabilité pédagogique, 8 h) (Internship Program for M1, Coordinator, 8 h)

· Chim 486 Organic - Inorganic chemistry towards sustainability (TP, 8 h)

· Chim 452, Chromatographies, détections et analyses quantitatives (Teaching Assistant, TP, 36 h)

· CAPES de Chimie : discipline et didactique, séquences pédagogiques expérimentales (Course Lecturer, 6 h)

· Responsabilité pédogogique et encabrement de stage (responsabilité pédagogique, 5 h) (Supervision for trainees M1, Coordinator, 5 h)

(200 h equivalent of practical tutorials)

Since my arrival in Orsay, I have taught practical work on organic chemistry in the 1st year of the Biology degree, during which the extraction, measurement of optical activity and esterification were discussed. I taught organic chemistry in progress / tutorials to students of Bachelor's Degree in Physics and Chemistry (25 h / year) as well as to students of PACES (16 h / year).

L1 and L2 courses in chemistry and chemistry / physics have also been entrusted to me and are now installed.

I was also able to take part in L2 in chemistry with practical work sessions in organic chemistry directly related to the tutorials given to these same students concerning chemistry reactivity (synthesis of a Grignard, nucleophilic addition, elimination, Wiitig reaction Wittig, Diels-Alder or vanillin synthesis) (30 h / year).

Concerning the L3, my activity is mainly focused on an option based on asymmetric synthesis and notions of prochirality.

As part of the Master 1 in Chemistry at the University of Paris-Sud, I offer tutorials directly related to my research activity at the ICMMO. Thus, I enclose students on asymmetric synthesis (16 h / year) (proximity, enantiomeric measurement, enantioselective reactions, enantioselective catalysis), but also in organometallic chemistry (10 h / year). electronic counting, basic reactions and catalytic cycle).

Since September 2014, I also provide support in the form of tutorials to high school teachers, preparing for the internal competition of the aggregation of physics chemistry (15 h / year). I also offer lectures / tutorials integrated in organic chemistry at the level of the Magisterium of Physics (L3 / M1).

Since 2015, I also assume responsibility for two teaching units in organic chemistry (UE CHIM 212 and CHIM 290) in L2 in Chemistry: attribution of teaching, co-ordination of teaching teams, constitution of binomials. In particular, I was able to create, during the last renewal of the licensing model, a new experimental chemistry laboratory that combines the concepts of organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and chemistry of solutions (24 h / year).

Finally, I recently invested in a digital platform of MOODLE type developed within the University. A series of a few videos and podcasts (6 X 10 min) will soon be produced and made available to biology L1s as support for courses in organic chemistry. This covers fundamental notions such as chirality, acidity / basicity or nomenclature. In September 2016, I obtained a research delegation from CNRS for a full year.

In September 2017, I wanted to diversify my teaching service by incorporating the teaching teams of inorganic chemistry, analytics and preparation at CAPES. I also took the responsibility of the internships of the Master 1 of Chemistry.


The table below provides a summary of Teaching:


Academic Year








Course Lecturer

18 h



81 h

81 h

25 h

30 h

Teaching Assistant

105,5 h

121 h

101,5 h

80 h

80 h

65 h

65 h

Practical Course

44 h



16 h

16 h

54 h

80 h



22,5 h

34 h

20 h

20 h

40 h

40 h


  • Management of a research team (Engineers, PhDs, Postdocs, Technicians) 
  • Financing research
  • Patent 
  • Risk management
  • Budget monitoring
  • Piloting and planning
  • Budget monitoring
  • International collaboration 
  • Development of organic synthesis methodologies 
  • Homogeneous catalysis
  • Optimization and Scale-up 
  • Organometallic chemistry 
  • Substitutes for noble transition metals
  • Budget monitoring
  • Coordination Chemistry
  • Molecular characterization
  • Teaching in Bachelor and Master degree (lectures, tutorial, exercises) 
  • Teaching of General, Organic, Organometallic & Inorganic Chemistry 
  • Science popularization in elementary schools 
  • Educational engineering 
  • Animation 
  • English Teaching in Organic chemistry