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PhD thesis (December 1st 2009) : Spectroscopic properties and electronic structure of vanadium in complex materials. Geological and technological implications


Published/accepted articles in peer-reviewed journals

32. A. N'Diaye, A. Bordage, L. Nataf, F. Baudelet, T. Moreno, A. Bleuzen

A cookbook for the investigation of coordination polymers by transition metal K-edge XMCD

Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 28 : 1127-1136 (2021)

31. A. Bleuzen, M. Goncalves, L. Altenschmidt, G. Fornasieri, A. Bordage, E. Rivière

(Photo)magnetism in 5 nm nanocrystals of the alkali cation free-CoFe Prussian blue analogue embedded in a silica matrix

Chem2, 4 : 1-12 (2020)

30. V. Trannoy, A. Bordage, J. Dezalay, R. Saint Martin, E. Rivière, P. Beaunier, C. Baumier, C. La Fontaine, G. Fornasieri, A. Bleuzen

Towards the synthesis of mixed oxides with controlled stoichiometry from Prussian Blue analogues

CrystEngComm, 21 : 3634-3643 (2019)

29. A. Bordage, A. Bleuzen

Influence of the number of alkali cation on the photo-induced CoIIIFeII - CoIIFeIII charge transfer in CsxCoFe PBAs — A Co K-edge XANES study

Radiation Physics and Chemistry, in press (2019) ; DOI : 10.1016/j.radphyschem.2019.02.002

28. A. Bordage, R. Moulin, E. Fonda, G. Fornasieri, E. Rivière, A. Bleuzen

Evidence of the core-shell structure of (photo)magnetic CoFe Prussian Blue Analogue nanoparticles and peculiar behavior of the surface species

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140 : 10332-10443 (2018)

27. V. Trannoy, L. Altenschmidt, G. Fornasieri, A. Bordage, E. Rivière, P. Beaunier, A. Bleuzen

Transforming a diamagnetic ordered mesoporous silica monolith into a room-temperature permanent magnet through multiscale control of the magnetic properties

ChemNanoMat 4 : 1254-1261 (2018)

26. S.F. Jafri, M-A. Arrio, A. Bordage, R. Moulin, A. Juhin, Ch. Cartier dit Moulin, E. Otero, Ph. Ohresser, A. Bleuzen, Ph. Sainctavit

Weak ferromagnetic interaction at the surface of the ferrimagnetic Rb2Co4[Fe(CN)6]3.3.11H2O photoexcited state

Inorganic Chemistry, 57 : 761-7619 (2018)

25. G. Fornasieri, A. Bordage, A. Bleuzen

Magnetism and photomagnetism of Prussian Blue analogue nanoparticles embedded in porous metal oxide ordered nanostructures

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Temperature dependence of X-ray absorption and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopies : probing quantum vibrations of light elements in oxides

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19 : 6246-6256 (2017)

23. R. Moulin, E. Delahaye, A. Bordage, E. Fonda, J-P. Baltaze, P. Beaunier, E. Rivière, G. Fornasieri, A. Bleuzen

Ordered mesoporous silica monoliths as a versatile platform for the study of magnetic and photomagnetic Prussian Blue analogue nanoparticles

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2017 : 1303-1313 (2017)

22. M. Basire, F. Mouhaut, G. Fraux, A. Bordage, J-L. Hazemann, M. Louvel, R. Spezia, S. Bonella, R. Vuilleumier

Fermi resonance in CO2 : Mode assignment and quantum nuclear effects from first principles molecular dynamics

The Journal of Chemical Physics, 146 :134102 (2017)

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Effect of S on the aqueous and gaseous transport of Cu in porphyri and epithermal systems : Constraints from in situ XAS measurements up to 600°C and 300 bars

Chemical Geology, 466 : 500-511 (2017)

20. A. Bordage, L. Nataf, F. Baudelet, A. Bleuzen

Investigation of Prussian Blue analogues by XMCD at the K-edge of transition metals

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Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 120 : 1158-1168 (2016)

18. A. Bordage, V. Trannoy, O. Proux, H. Vitoux, R. Moulin, A. Bleuzen

In situ site-selective transition metal K-edge XAS : a powerful probe of the transformation of mixed-valence compounds

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17 : 17260-17265 (2015)

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A high-pressure high-temperature setup for in situ Raman spectroscopy of supercritical fluids

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15. M. Louvel, A. Bordage, D. Testemale, L. Zhou, J. Mavrogenes

Hydrothermal controls on the genesis of REE deposits: Insights from an in situ XAS study of Yb solubility and speciation in high temperature fluids (T<400°C)

Chemical Geology, 417 : 228-237 (2015)

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Detailed characterization of a nanosecond-lived excited state : X-ray and theoretical investigation of the quintet state in photoexcited [Fe(terpy)2]2+

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 119 : 5888-5902 (2015)

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Watching the dynamics of electrons and atoms at work in solar energy conversion

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On the sensitivity of hard X-ray spectroscopies to the chemical state of Br

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Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 116 : 9878-9887 (2012)

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Experimental evidence of thermal fluctuations on the x-ray absorption near-edge structure at the aluminum K edge

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Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics, 12 : 5619-5633 (2010)

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1. Ch. Brouder, A. Juhin, A. Bordage, M-A. Arrio

Site symmetry and crystal symmetry: a spherical tensor analysis

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 20 : 455205 (2008)


Conference proceedings with a peer-review process

1. M. Louvel, J. Mavrogenes, A. Bordage, D. Testemale

Hydrothermal controls on the formation of REE deposits: Insights from in situ XAS study of REE (Nd, Gd, Yb) solubility and speciation in high temperature fluids (T<600°C)

Mineral Resources in a sustainable word, 1-5 :795-798 (2015)


Submitted articles

1. A. N'Diaye, A. Bordage, L. Nataf, F. Baudelet, E. Rivière, A. Bleuzen (Inorganic Chemistry)

Towards quantitative magnetic information from transition metal K-edge XMCD of Prussian blue analogs