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Powder XRD




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What you get

X-ray diffractometry (on powder) is a method of qualitative and quantitative physico-chemical analysis. This technique makes it possible to determine the nature of each crystalline phase within a sample but also to go back to the structure of the system analyzed (lattice parameters, atomic positions, etc.).

Who it works

X-ray diffractometry is an analysis technique based on X-ray diffraction by matter. The general method consists in bombarding the sample with X-rays, and in analyzing the intensity of X-rays which is diffused according to the orientation in space. The scattered X-rays interfere with each other, the intensity therefore has maxima in certain directions, we speak of the phenomenon of "diffraction". The intensity detected is recorded as a function of the angle of deflection 2θ of the beam.


All types of crystallized materials (minerals, metals, ceramics, crystallized organic products).

How to use it

The device is self-service under conditions of agreement (training required).


Possibilities of using different types of sample holder.