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"SQUID" Magnetometer

Laser Nd : YAG pulsé + OPO



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Characterization of the magnetic properties for compounds generally in the solid state: magnetization (dc) vs temperature (from 2 to 400 K) or vs magnetic field (from 0 to +/- 7 T) measurements, alternative susceptibility (ac) measurements (frequency from 0.1 to 1500 Hz).

Determination of the electronic configurations for the magnetic centers, of the exchange coupling parameters, of anisotropy parameters. Characterization of superparamagnetic or superconducting compounds.

DC measurements

The sample is set in a uniform magnetic field where it acquires a magnetization then the sample is moved vertically. The variation in magnetic flux generated by this movement creates an electric current in a superconductive circuit. This current is converted by a SQUID sensor (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) into an electrical signal proportional to the magnetization of the sample.


Bulk, powder, nanoparticles, films. Solutions can be considered.

How to use it

The measurements are carried out by the engineer, except for ICMMO researchers after training.


Measurements under (or after) light irradiation (pulsed or cw lasers - Wavelengths: from 355 to 1600 nm).

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