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Fourier transform infrared

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What you get

Analysis spectroscopy providing information on the molecular structure of the products. It is suitable for solids as well as liquids as modified surfaces.
Characterization of inorganic and organic materials, polymers, surfaces, organic-inorganic hybrid molecules. Structural determination.

Who it works

An interferrometer allows the light beams to go to a fixed mirror and to a mobile mirror. After reflection, the beams will pass through the sample to be analyzed and then be detected by the detector.
Two types of detectors: DGTS and MCT (more sensitive).


Almost all types of materials: organic, polymer, organic-inorganic hybrid, in solid, crystalline, liquid, paste, film or surface form and even in water solution.

How to use it

Some accessories are self-service under conditions of agreement, preferably booking the equipment the day before handling.