Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Matériaux d'Orsay

Helene Dorizon

Bât. 420LCBB – ICMMO
Université Paris-Saclay
Rue du doyen Georges Poitou
91405 Orsay Cedex

+33 1 69 15 47 20

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Electronic Structure and Bistable Conformational Study of the Tetraphenylporphyrin Erbium(III) Acetylacetonate Complex on the CaF2/Si(100) Surface at Low Temperatures. Y. Wang, A.-G. Boyer, H. Sauriat-Dorizon, E. Duverger, D. Riedel, J. Phys. Chem. C, 2021, 125, 14453-14460

Dispersible Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles as Biointerface Materials for Label-Free Bacteria Detection. N. Elgiddawy, S. Ren, A. Yassar, A. Louis-Joseph, H. Sauriat-Dorizon, W. M.-A. El Rouby, A. O. El-Gendy, A. A. Farghali, H. Korri-Youssoufi, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2020, 12, 39979-39990

Structural and electrochemical studies of functionalization of reduced graphene oxide with alkoxyphenylporphyrin mono- and tetra- carboxylic acid: application to DNA sensors. Y. Wang, Z. Hsine, H. Sauriat-Dorizon, R. Mlika, H. Korri-Youssoufi, Electrochim. Acta, 2020, 357, 136852

Two-dimensional Functionalized Ultrathin semi-insulating CaF2 layer on the Si(100) surface at low temperature for molecular electronic decoupling. E. Duverger, A. G. Boyer, H. Sauriat-Dorizon, P. Sonnet, R. Stephan, M.-C. Hanf, D. Riedel, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2020, 12, 29661-29670

Sensor based on redox conjugated poly(para-phenylene) for the simultaneous detection of dopamine, ascorbic acid, and uric acid in human serum sample. Z. Hsine, S. Blili, R. Milka, H. Sauriat-Dorizon, A. H. Said, H. Korri-Youssoufi, Anal. Bioanal. Chem., 2020, 412, 4433-4446

Nanocomposite based on Poly (para-phenylene)/Chemical Reduced Graphene Oxide as a Platform for Simultaneous Detection of Ascorbic Acid, Dopamine and Uric Acid. Z. Hsine, S. Bizid, R. Milka, H. Sauriat-Dorizon, A. Haj Said, H. Korri-Youssoufi, Sensors, 2020, 20, 1256

Direct electrochemical DNA biosensor based on reduced graphene oxide and metalloporphyrin nanocomposite. Y. Wang, H. Sauriat-Dorizon, H. Korri-Youssoufi, Sens. Actuators B: Chem., 2017, 251, 40-48

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Direct electrochemical detection of PB1-F2 protein of influenza A virus in infected cells. A. Miodek, H. Sauriat-Dorizon, C. Chevalier, B. Delmas, J. Vidic, H. Korri-Youssoufi, Biosens. Bioelectron., 2014, 59, 6-13

Electrochemical detection of the oligomerization of PB1-F3 influenza A virus protein in infected cells. H. Korri-Youssoufi, A. Miodek, J. Vidic, C.-A. Richard, R. Le Goffic, H. Sauriat-Dorizon, Anal. Chem., 2014, 86, 9098-9105